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Originally Posted by STATfan32
i wouldnt give up barbosa for DJ anyways but if we unloaded Kurt's contract we'd be able to save some good money and give gooden what he deserves, do you think Damon Jones is an idiot for declaring himself the best shooter in the world? i definitely do

Part of the thought it if we take on an expering contract and give u a solid 4 who is still young and athletic we want something that we will be able to sign and we would be willing to drop our first rounder to get Leandro. Rumours are also saying Barbosa wants to come to Cleveland to play with good friend Anderson Verajao so if you know Cleveland will throw money at him why not get something in return since you signed Banks and still habe to pay Diaw and if you get Gooden.

Nash 10 - 12 mill
Marion 15 mill
Amare starts at 12 I believe
Gooden - 7 - 9 million
Bell - 5 mill
Banks - 4 mill ???
Diaw - I guess 6 - 8 mill
some where in the 55 - 60 million right around the salary tax. plus you would have to fill out ur roster and in Barbosa is still there pay him to. Even if its not Jones maybe Like Jackson or Sasha Pavlovic both will experir soon and would be sheap to resign.
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