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Default Re: Race to the 1st place in Draft 2008

Originally Posted by monthh
Are you talking traditional center or someone who can play center? I think there are some guys like DeVon Hardin, Joey Dorsey, and Longar Longar who could play center and run with a fast-paced team. If you are talking traditional 7-0 guy who can run, Jordan is the most athletic and would be able to trail a play well. I can't really say much about the other freshman because the season just started.

I'm not sure where you are going with that question, but if you are looking for a star like Amare or something you won't find him. Dorsey is probably the closest and is only 6-9 and not nearly the offensive threat. Jordan is the most athletic center among the top tier of centers. Hibbert and Koufos are decent, but nothing special.

Sorry, i meant as a natural center who has the best ability to run the floor. I'm sure Seattle would be looking at a few of them.
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