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Originally Posted by bballguru
Quincy Douby is highly underrated....he can come into the league and instantly be an impact player not to mention a huge scoring threat, this guy has always been underrated, even after being the big easts leading scorer and best shooter. He is easily a top 10 prospect for the future, he will be a 20 ppg scorer in the nba one day, mark my word. when will this guy get the credit he deserves? besides jj redick, he is the best pure shooter in the draft. Not to mention, he should easily be picked before reddick. He is faster, a better defender, a better scorer, a better passer, and score off the dribble. The only thing reddick tops him in is spot shooting, which he is only marginaly better at. Whoever takes douby will get the draft day steal.
What does everyone else think???

Considering that Steve Novak is the best pure shooter in the draft, I would say that statement is erroneous.

Originally Posted by dak121
Douby is one of the best 3 shooters in this draft along with Redick and Steve Novak.

Right now I would rank them as: 1) Novak 2) Redick 3) Douby

Ah, already beaten to the punch. Which is a good thing.
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