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Default Re: Promotion of Fake shoe sites

Originally Posted by hateraid
Thanks BM, {b]but you can't blame someone to want to make a quick buck.[/b] I'm really more concerned that they're not doing it in an ethical manner. Veiwers should be warned that the products in the sites are fake. But if the general consensus on this board is the delete, it shall be done. Jeff, PM me on what you think. Or post on here.

BTW BM, you've been really active in the Kings forum. Exellent job!
Dude what are you really saying..... It is illegal to sale counterfeit shoes, so why are you condoning this....because that is what you are doing. Just because they tell people that they are fakes doesn't make it alright.

ISH needs to ban these d0uchebags that sell counterfeit shoes.
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