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Default Re: Will the Heat retire shaq's number?

Originally Posted by netdoc
Shaq will retire as a Laker and his laker Jersey will be hung in the rafters with the other greats. It's a shame he couldn't stick it out with Kobe. A shame for them, shame for the team they left behind (or threw under the bus), shame for management for actually following through with the trade and bigger yet, a shame for the fans of NBA basketball because we witnessed greatness and quite possibly could have been the dynasty of the decade.

I do agree with the naysayers that Wade was a bigger part of bringing the championship to Miami than Shaq was. But I believe that Miami would have been equally strong (if not stronger) if they still had Caron and Lamar on the team.,
I totally agree, if the Heat had Caron and Lamar, they would be just as strong or probably stronger.
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