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Ahh, buck it.
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Default Re: What's happening to the HEAT?!

It's called early season struggles. Teams go through it all the time. If you remember, the Heat didn't start off so hot last year either. They made it into the playoffs, did they not?

Yes, they're not playing like themselves. Yes, Shaq has been a disappoint thus far. And yes, Wade is still (sort of) in the recovering stages. But it's still way to early to count them out. This is true for every single team in the NBA right now. I mean...ten, eleven, twelve games? That's nothing. No need to get worried. Being a Bucks fan, I'm used to this stuff. Just because a team starts off rough doesn't mean they're done for. And vice versa.

I will admit though, I never expected them to start off this rocky. It'll be interesting to see how they cope with such poor record.
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