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The Kenyon situation is definately not unfixable. There was a lot of miscommunication. He wasn't ready to play, but trainers said he was. Karl wanted him to practice to play, but he couldn't. Karl picked the dumbest time to start punishing Kenyon over not practicing. Kenyon picked the wrong time to blow up about it. Melo loves Kenyon, Nene has said he wants him back, those are the only 2 people I think matter. The 2 teammates that have a problem with him, are the 2 Melo has problems with aswell, our 2 "point guards". BTW they should be the ones shopped.

JR I think has great potential. He's in the perfect situation. He doesn't have to carry the burden of being a allstar soon and be a great all around player. He just needs to be able to do what he likes to do best, shoot the 3. And I've watched him a little and he's shown that he can play some defense. And I think he'll get better in that regard. He'll develop well under Karl and next to Melo

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