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Default Re: MY MOCK DRAFT 2008 v1

Originally Posted by Kiddlovesnets
My Mock Draft:According to Current Standing
1. Seattle Supersonics - Michael Beasley, Power Forward, Kansas State Fr.
2. Minnesota Timberwolves - Eric Gordon, Shooting Guard, Indiana Fr.
3. Chicago Bulls - OJ Mayo, Point Guard, USC Fr.
4. Miami Heat - Derrick Rose, Point Guard, Memphis Fr.
5. Philadelphia 76ers - Roy Hibbert, Center, Georgetown Sr.
6. Memphis Grizzlies - DeAndre Jordan, Center, TX A&M Fr.
7. New York Knicks - Chase Budinger, Guard, Arizona So.
8. Sacramento Kings - Kevin Love, Forward/Center, UCLA Fr.

By now everyone probably knows I'm big on the attitude thing, so I won't go into Beasley at No. 1 although I think he may be the best talent in the draft. I have one problem with Gordon going to Minny; Rashad McCants has been doing well this year, and Foye will most likely be PG. Does Minny decide not to resign Rashad next year?

Mayo to the Bulls would be excellent; in my mind, he's a lesser version of Kobe, with less ability to physically impose his will on a defender. Rose would be great next to Wade; it'd be the most athletic backcourt for years to come. Hibbert and Jordan are interchangeable, IMO, and Budinger would bring a nice shot to New York. Kevin Love's would finally bring in that quality big man at the 4 that the Kings have been lacking since the exodus of C-Webb. He and Hawes would be a nice duo, but aren't they pretty close to the same player?
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