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Default Hate The Swirsk????


While you may not like the man's style, or how he doesnt' trash the MLSE organization, keep in mind this man loves the RAPS... Long after the dust had settled, and the lights went off he was there with sign in hand pumping not only the team, but the city as well. He goes way above and beyond for the team, and us fans should seriously feel lucky to have that kind of loyalty. Yeah we all know that he could be more up front about the mess that is Richard Peddie, but think of it this way... The more people trashing the team, the less the players want to be here. For me, Swirsk can write his own ticket, he has earned it! As for Rautins, I think his days at Syracuse are behind him, and he needs to let them go! It's painful to hear how he went there every game he is on the mic. The time for handholding is over, us the fans are well up on the game now, and I think that Leo should be replaced with someone that doesn't still break down plays the way my mom would teach me to read!
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