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I don't know what either team is doing! Portland should have found a way to rid Darius Miles. Milwaukee maybe would have taken Miles. Larry Harris said the Bucks would like someone to play small forward who brings different abilities to the table then Bobby Simmons. (He wasn't implying to trade Simmons, but wanted another wing to have a set 3 wing rotation) I don't know why Portland gave up Blake who was the best PG on their team last year and could have still got major minutes backing up Jack. Milwaukee could have got a lot more Magloire. Milwaukee should have initiated talks elsewhere. I will propose a deal that works under the C.B.A. and would have been genius for Milwaukee and fair for Denver. Milwaukee could have gave up Magloire, Simmons, and Williams for Andre Miller, Ruben Patterson, and Julius Hodge (draft picks are optional). The Bucks would have finally got a distributive p.g. and a defensive stoper on the wing. They also would have added more versatility off the bench with the youngster, Hodge. This move would give Denver much better shooting. Simmons is a decent shooter, and Mo Williams has got more range most shooters in the league. Acquiring Magloire gives them flexablility to trade Martin and not have to receive a big in return. They can focus on adding another wing shooter. This also keeps them deep underneath having Magloire play along with Camby and Nene. This should have been the deal, but it's too late now. The Blazers and Bucks trade isn't terrible, but it makes no sense! What's your guys thoughts?
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