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To add on to the what I said up there the lineups for each team would have looked like this.
SF Anthony, Kleiza
PF Nene, Najera
C Camby, Magloire
PG Williams, Boykins
SG Simmons, Smith

SF Patterson, Hodge/Noel
PF Villinueva, Smith
C Bogut, Gadzuric
PG Miller, Greer
SG Redd, Belle
Also Milwaukee should fire Stotts and replace him with Rick Adleman. He would use Bogut like Webber in his smooth offensive set. He also knows how to coach defense like he did in Portland. He's good at adjusting to his talent and a proven winner who would put his foot down, unlike Stotts. But the Magloire deal has already happened and this is just a trade I have had in mind for a while, and just decided to share it. Do you guys think this would have been a good deal for both sides? (not that it matters now, but I'm curious)
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