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Originally Posted by roth15syr
Just my take on things: I like JR Smith's potential, but to give up Eisley (who I assume is an expirer or a small deal cuz otherwise why would the Bulls want him) AND two second rounders for him?!?! Let's analyze for a second here. What makes a good first round pick? A guy who's well rounded and could possibly dominate under the right cicrumstances. What do teams usually look for in second rounders? Players who do one or more things well that fit with that specific team. There are ALOT of good shooters in the draft every year. Why give up two shots at that type of pure shooter when the next Michael Redd (who WAS btw a second rounder) could be available for JR Smith, who at BEST is that guy? Doesn't make sense to me. Also, Paxson seems to be doing a damn good job with all his draft picks and personnel moves. This just gives him more ammo. The Bulls are starting to scare me alot.

i dont see how giving up two second round picks for a young player with the potential to become an all-star is an issue. Its a fantastic trade.

At worst smith never lives up to his potential, but ill take that risk for an expired veteran and 2 second round picks. Second round picks are usually just a stab in the dark for talent anyway, usually resulting in a bust. This way we take a Stab but its by no means in the dark as we gain a guy who can shoot the lights out and has a major upside.
Sure, maybe we'll miss out on the next Michael Redd but i mean come on! The chance of that happening is nothing compared to the chance of j.r. developing into something special.

Be realistic here.
This is a fantastic move by the Denver Organisation.
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