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Originally Posted by Unregistered
Says who? He's almost 7 feet tall and has a back to the basket game. Again, in this day in age, a guy like him can play C. Outside of Shaq, most huge C's aren't legit players.

Are you serious? His back to the basket game his one of his biggest weaknesses. I have watched almost all if his games that were broadcasted on television and he seems to find a way to lose the ball under the basket. I like the 7-foot part though. But yes, we need a C real bad, but be realistic, we need a Rebounder and Shot-Blocker in there. Rudy or Tyrus had both those skills at SF I believe, You can just switch the position if things get bad. So I say get a pick lower in the draft, maybe send down your pick to Atlanta in a deal that included Tyronne Lue or something (add a few there, your call) and pick one of the 2.
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