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Default Re: 2nd Round Draft Steals [1989-present]

Originally Posted by myzt52
Who do you guys think are the best 2nd round picks of all time (Between 1989 to present)...[before 1989..they used to have three rounds..not two...]?

On thing you have to teams draft players in the 2nd round with potential.. Over 90% of them will never end up playing real minutes in the theyre just hopeing to get a steal or a player that may actually contribute to the team...

Here are my 2nd round steals..if they are in (parenthasis) that means they were a decent pick that will actually play real minutes in the NBA..if they are NOT in (parenthasis) then it was a great pick that will play starter minutes.:

[My best are: 1) 1998, 2) 2001, 3) 2000 4) 1990 5) 1992]

2005: umm...

2004: Anderson Varejao, Chris Duhon

2003: No one amazing (some "o.k." steals: Jason Kapono, Steve Blake, Keith Bogans, Matt Bonner)

2002: Carlos Boozer (Ronald "Flip" Murray, Rasaul Butler)

2001: Gilbert Arenas, Mehmet Okur (Trenton Hassel, Earl Watson)

2000: Michael Redd, Marco Jaric (Eddie House, Jake Voshkuhl, Eduardo Nahera, Brian Cardinal)

1999: (Gordon Giricek)

1998: Rashard Lewis, Refer Alston, Cuttino Mobley, (Ruben Patterson, Jalani McCoy, Jerome James, Shammond Williams, Jahidi White)

1997: (Marc Jackson)

1996: (Othella Harrington, Jeff Mcinnis, Moochie Norris, Malik Rose, Shandon Anderson)

1995: (Fred Hoiberg, Andrew DeClercq)

1994: (Howard Eisley, Voshon Lenard, Zeljko Rebraca )

1993: (Lucious Harris)

1992: P.J. Brown, Matt Geiger, (Brent Price, Sean Rooks)

1991: (Isaac Austin)

1990: Tony Kukoc, Antonio Davis (Greg Foster, Jud Buechler , Bimbo Coles [his name alone provided entertainment], Derek Strong, Cedric Ceballos )

1989: Cliff Robinson

Honorary Mention:
1988: Steve Kerr (2nd Round)

1999 - No Ginobili? He was the 57th pick of that years draft.
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