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Default Re: Help: I suck at 2k8

Originally Posted by Frank Foley
If you have a quick shotblocker (think ak47 or Josh Smith) on your team, it's fun to zone 2-1-2 while playing as the shotblocker. Patrol the interior of the "box" created by the other 4 defenders. Basically the other 4 players will funnel everything into the middle of the key and you'll be able to erase any shots that go in there. The one drawback is that it the other side can occasionally rack up the offensive rebounds if they decide to shoot over the zone.

Thanks buddy, but we're Laker fans remember? And the best c0ckblocker we've got is Mitch Kupchack!

And moses: I win on easy level. If I couldn't I would have to throw the box.
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