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Default 2008 Mock Draft Version 2

1. Minnesota - Michael Beasley 6'9 SF/PF Kansas State

Beasley is a franchise type player and could be most talented draftee since Lebron James. So far, he's averaging 26 points and 15 boards and is overshadowing another potential great player in Bill Walker. Would fit in nicely with a young core of Foye, Green, and Jefferson. NBA Comparison: Lamar Odom (with more strength).

2. Seattle - Derrick Rose 6'4 PG Memphis

Earl Watson is nothing more than a backup PG in the NBA as with Ridnour. Rose is a pass first guard which should be perfect for Durant who is a shoot first player. NBA Comparison: Gary Payton

3. Miami - Jerryd Bayless 6'3 PG Arizona

An ultra quick PG with great athleticism to match. Miami is in desparate need of a point as Williams and Smush just aren't the answers. Bayless is perhaps the best point guard in this draft, but Rose has more upside. NBA Comparison: Gilbert Arenas

4. Chicago - OJ Mayo 6'5 PG/SG USC

A talented scorer with great athleticism. Would probably be a shooting guard in the league since his point guard skills are very limited. Has a shoot first mentality and could be selfish at times. With Gordon up for an extension, Mayo could give them insurance if Ben bolts for more money. NBA Comparison: Dwayne Wade

5. Portland - Donte Green 6'10 SF Syracuse

Green is a player that can take over a game which is something the Brandor Roy doesn't do. Roy is a great all around, complete player, but the Blazers need that reliable scorer. Webster has yet to be consistent and even when Oden is back, he's not an offensive juggernaut. Green can also be a great defender when he wants. A solid shot blocker and rebounder. NBA Comparison: Tayshaun Prince

6. New York - Eric Gordon 6'4 SG Indiana

A creative scorer with super athleticism. Can create his own shots at will and could finish inside the paint by dunking on whoevers in there. A tough defender. NBA Comparison: Cuttino Mobley

7. Philadelphia - Blake Griffin 6'9 PF Oklahoma

A physical specimen at 245lbs. A great rebounder, shot blocker, and defender. A good ball handler for a PF and has a nice back to the basket game. A great run athlete and can get up and down the floor with no problems. A great passer as well. NBA Comparison: Carlos Boozer

8. Memphis - DeAndre Jordan 7'0 C Texas A&M

An athletic center with the ability to run. A perfect fit for Ivaroni's run-and-gun style. A great shot blocker and rebounder. Not a great scorer but will get his points on offensive boards and transition dunks. NBA Comparison: Tyson Chandler

9. Sacramento - Serge Ibaka 6'10 PF Congo

Ibaka is big, athletic, and raw. He's going to hit the glass hard at both ends and will block a lot of shots. Has a nice looking jumper but its not reliable. Has tons of potential and upside. NBA Comparison: Tyrus Thomas (+ 2")

10. Charlotte - Devon Hardin 6'11 PF California

A physical beast already. Devon is going to rebound and block shots. Will form a formidale tandem with Okafor as both can play the 4 or 5. Hardin is becoming more intriguing as scouts get to see more of him. I've watched this guy for awhile now (being a Cal alum) and he's just a men among boys. Is averaging 9.5 points and 14 boards now with a little over 2 blocks per game. Could be a steal of the lottery. NBA Comparison: Dwight Howard

11. Phoenix - Chase Budinger 6'7 SF Arizona

Another great athlete with great shooting ability. Possibly the best shooter of this draft class. A good rebounder. NBA Comparison: Richard Jefferson

12. LA Clippers - Darren Collison 6'1 PG UCLA

A lock down defender and great motor. Has long arms and great athletic abilities. Will dunk on anyone. He's super quick and has great handles. With Cassell aging and the lost of Livingston, Collison could step in and provide instant help at the PG spot. NBA Comparison: TJ Ford

13. Milwaukee - Nicholas Batum 6'8 SG/SF France

Another super athlete and has a great stroke. Can handle the ball and pass like a point guard. A potentially great defender. With the injuries to Simmons, Batum could make him expendable. NBA Comparison: Joe Johnson

14. New Jersey - Kevin Love 6'9 PF UCLA

The Nets need more depth at the power forward spot. Love isn't an athlete but is a great scorer and rebounder nonetheless. Intelligent basketball player and has advanced post skills. NBA Comparison: Ike Diogu

The Rest....

15. Washington - Earl Clark 6'8 SF Louisville

16. Indiana - Roy Hibbert 7'2 C Georgetown

17. Houston - Brooke Lopez 7'0 PF/C Stanford

18. Cleveland - Tyler Smith 6'7 SF Tennessee

19. LA Lakers - Hasheem Thabeet 7'4 C Connecticut

20. Toronto - Kosta Koufos 7'0 C Ohio State

21. Golden State - Bill Walker 6'6 SG Kansas State

22. Denver - Bryce Taylor 6'5 SG Oregorn

23. Dallas - Devon Jefferson 6'8 SF USC

24. New Orleans - Danilo Gallinari 6'9 SF Italy

25. Detroit - Ty Lawson 6'0 PG North Carolina

26. Utah - Nikola Pekovic 6'11 C Serbia Montenegro

27. Seattle - Brandon Rush 6'7 SG Kansas

28. Orlando - Jamont Gordon 6'4 SG Mississippi

29. San Antonio - Tyler Hansborough 6'9 PF North Carolina

30. Boston - Semih Erden 7'0 C Turkey
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