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Originally Posted by Chamberlain
I don't know why, but I have absolutely no memory of TMac playing in Toronto. The only thing I remember is a webpage set up so fans could send him email begging him to stay. That worked well..
Anyway, My favorite is Mo Peterson. He's been there a long time and likes it there, he's always willing to put the team before himself. And those crazy layups too.

Anyone remember the High Flying Maceo Baston? haha.

As you know, some rookies have bad rookie seasons (adjusting), then light it up after. I believe he played 2 or 3 seasons with the Raps before leaving to Orlando (then later Houston). He played "ok" but not enough to get notworthy buzz. He just came out of high school so you got to cut him some slack.

But in my honest opinion, Alvin Williams and JYD are my favs. Alvin seemed to have the moves. He could even make Allen Iverson drop if he was healthy. That step back jumper was money. Then JYD, honestly, what bad can you say against the guy. He loved this place so much he is working with the Toronto organization as a Volunteer Organizer I believe. Thats true dedication.

Maceo Baston....I remember him....but high flying? HAHA....
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