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This thread has turned into the dumbest one I've ever read.

Melo's a kid. He's learning some tough lessons, and if you never did anything worse than Melo when you were 19, you probably still live in your mom's basement and are waiting to know what the touch of a real woman feels like.

No one in the NBA right now is working harder to improve his game, and that's what this thread was about. He's taken the faith of the Nuggets franchise as motivation to be the best player possible. What more can you ask for?

And who comes in talking all this yang about Chris Paul and Arenas? Like I'm going to go on in the Hornets forum and starting saying "Paul ain't no LeBron James." And I used to like Arenas until I realized what brokebacks his fans were.

One team won the championship in the NBA this year. Wade's the only one who's got a ring. No one else matters until they do. LeBron ain't won sh*t, Paul will never win sh*t unless he gets traded, Arenas = no ring. Everyone is Dominique until they get that ring.
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