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Originally Posted by T-Low
I think they re-signed Barrett to a 2 year deal during the season. Not for sure, but they do have him next season. But I am really high on Marcus Williams. His game is incredible and I guess he is impressing Colangelo according to an interview Kelly had after the workout. Their best bet would be to trade down...They can get rid of Eric Williams that is taking up cap space and get someone who will play to the best ability. And that will also give Eric Williams playing time with another team. Best of both worlds. And about that whole Pryzbilla thing, I put his name out there for the soul reason that we need a shot blocker. I put Magloire out there cause we honestly need some Canadian presence on this team. People are saying "Denham Brown" this and, "Denham Brown" that. Who says we will get him with that 35th pick. Who knows, he might go in late first round for all we know. I guess it is all the waiting game to see what actually happens.

barretts contract isnt guarenteed, all it meant was he got the rest of last season and an invite to training camo, after that hes probably gone

i agree with marcus williams, he is the man from this draf, he can take a team like atlanta and give it an extra 15-20 wins next season (ala chris paul with NOoCK)

i wouldnt trade the #1 pick for anything involving pryzbila, we can get ghim in free agency, and we ARE an attractive prospect who he should like to come to (we played hard, portland dont)
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