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The NBA doesn't list exact measurements after that point, but at the camp, they announce a player's exact measurements. After that, they'll list the player rounding up. If you're 6'6 1/2 or 6'6 3/4 in shoes, that gets you 6'7 on your profile on and stuff liket hat.

That's funny. TJ Ford just magically goes from being 5'10 to being 6. Hakeem from 6'10 to 7'. Players do just magically grow at the combine. Im not arguing there are media all over the place. I am arguing the credibility of the measurements because when a guy like Kevin Willis can be 6'10-11 his entire career then at age 39 he grows to 7' I know something is up. You dont grow at that age, hell you are closer to shrinking.

Tony Parker:

1. No BB IQ
2. Madator defense
3. No jumpshot
4. Average passer

Throw in 5. Awful decision maker, 6. Chucker(by my definition at least) and 7. Overrated. Im not a Spurs fan(they are team 2a), Im certainly not a Parker fan. Dont know why you think I would honestly care if you went out and shot Parker. I think it would be good for the Spurs.

Basically you want the guy that shoots a high percentage taking more shots than idiots like Sprewell or Olowokandi.

Kind of, I wouldnt want him shooting out of rhythm, which he does everytime I watch, I wouldnt want him shooting long range shots that put no pressure on a team rather than an idiot like Spree driving and drawing a foul.

I come into the NBA, in my rookie season I make 70% of my shots from anywhere. Guarded or unguarded. I am therefore the best option on the team, my shot has a very high percentage of going in. If I take 40 shots a game, am I a chucker?

If you are shooting 70% shoot whatever the **** you want to and make sure you take 40 shots but Wally isnt doing that.

Your definition of "chucker" isn't making any sense. How do you take bad shots while shooting nearly 50%?

Wally is a fine shooter, hell scorer. But he chucks. He just takes shots when he feels like it(either that or both Boston and Minnesota run some truly odd sets). I dont like selfish players who dont play defense, so Im not going to like Wally, I'll be completely honest on that, but I have never liked his scoring either. He just fires up shots, sure they drop in but its basically the same as Kobe. Sure he is the best scorer on his team but his shooting isnt always the right option, and Wally is worse than Kobe for knowing when he should be shooting and when he should be passing. I hope that makes it clearer. Its not his shooting thats the problem, its his shot selection and its awful, whether they go in or not, his shot selection kills the flow of the offense.

As for Minny. They are an awful team whose star quit on them halfway through the season, had no coaching, no veteran presence and were just bad. On top of that, from after that trade is when they played the toughest part of their schedule, as it is for all the western teams who have to face eachother mostly. I dare say Boston was better with Wally when they entered the easier part of their schedule where they mostly faced east teams also.
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