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Default Re: A Trade With Philly

Originally Posted by BBallGuru08
The Heat aren't going anywhere unless they get a reliable point guard. Williams hasn't played a complete season since entering the NBA. Smush Parker isn't a quality starter in the league. Philly is in the East, but are far from being a threat if a trade was to happen with them.

Send Udonis Haslem, Dorrell Wright, and Smush Parker to Philly for Andre Miller, Jason Smith and Rodney Carney.

Carney plays the same position as Thaddeus Young and Young has better numbers than Carney in less minutes. This does make the Sixers a much better team with a starting line up of Louis Williams, Iguodala, Young, Haslem, and Dalembert with Parker and Wright off the bench.

For Miami:

PG Miller / Williams
SG Wade / Cook
SF Davis / Carney
PF Johnson / Smith
C Shaq / Mourning / Blount

I don't understand why Miami would do this trade. First of all, they traded Smith to Philly on draft day. Why would they want him back? Philly gets some more youth, which is okay, but why would Miami want Andre Miller? I agree, he would be a good point guard for the Heat, but Shaq is on the decline and the Heat are slowly deteriorating. The Heat need to get some young help and try to make a run in the east in a few years, IMO.
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