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Have to disagree for some uncorrect assumptions.

[quote=qrich]Let's see, a team that has only one real consistent player and nothing really or a team that has 3 consistent starts(Cassell, Brand, Maggette) with two players who, when consistent, are extremelly good.

It doesn't help that Cassel is not getting any younger, he's worse year by year. And his backup is still not worth more than 15 min pt.
Maggette is often injured and Dunleavy dislike him. Maybe is for his D?

[quote=qrich] PG: Cassell|Livingston >>>>> Smush|Williams|Farmar.
Cassell alone dominates the Lakers 3 "PG's" and then you throw in Livingston, enough said.

Not at all. Cassel is really old, Livingston has been injured and hasn't a reliable shot 2 yrs in a raw. Smush is consistent the other 2 are question marks. Adv. Clips but really slight.

[quote=qrich]SG: Mobley|Ewing|Diaz <<<<< Kobe|Wafer
Only real advantage

Agreed, but Evans not Wafer.

[quote=qrich] SF: Ross|Maggette >>> Odom|Walton
Ross will have improved on his J this offseason and Maggette will be healthy, going back into the top 5 of total FT's in the whole season and FT Attempts per game. Odom won't improve much and don't say he finally woke up against Phoenix because Phoenix is just a running team.

Totally disagree: Odom is the only star player here. He's been consistent from the all star game (go watch the numbers), Walton a capable backup. Ross is only a D specialist, Maggette an underachiever. Advantage LAL.

[quote=qrich] PF: Brand|Singleton|Tim Thomas >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Vlad Rad|Turiaf.
Elton Brand, enough said. Brand will eat up Radmanovic 24|7.

Agreed. But maybe it was wiser to compare Odom/Brand and Radm/Maggette (2 slight Clips edge)

Originally Posted by qrich
CE: Kaman|Davis|Rebraca|N;Dong >>> Brown|Mihm|Bynum
No need to explain.

Totally disagree. Brown is coming, Mihm a solid big, Bynum a developing talent (dunk over Shaq, 20 pts vs Knicks). Kaman is not bad, your bench sucks (Rebraca old and injured, Davis a modest 2nd rounder, N'dong a question mark).
Kaman is the better player, but for the rotation slight edge LAL.

All in all, the teams are comparable. They have not changed much from last yar, when Clips were slightly better. But, surprisingly, LAL has a younger starting 5 (Cassel the problem here) so LAL should erase the gap.
They will probably fight for a spot between 4th and 6th.

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