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Default Re: The 2008 Mock Draft Thread

Tinsley has always been a 8-15pt, 5-8ast, 40%, 30%3pt guy for his whole career. Up and down. Bad shooting. On the court this team was good, now is average, and never got to the next level. This year he has had maybe is best season, but the team is 10-10. Where are they going? Off the court he has gotten in trouble a couple times in the last year. I have always been a fan of Tinsley, but it is time to start over. O'Neal has been a constant trade rumor the last couple years. It is time to move on from the O'Neal/Tinsley reign in Indy. Ty Lawson was my pick because his speed and uptemo style would give this team a playing style. Of course they may want to go with a defensive, slow the game down type of player as well. Either way, Granger, Dunleavy, Diogu, and Murphy is a fairly young core of guys.

Some people may want to stick with Tinsley and O'Neal and try to patchwork a team together that will compete, but how are they going to do that if they keep the 4 I mentioned before? They have a full team. They have a mix of youth and vets. They just aren't on the same level as the Spurs, Suns, Celtics, Magic, and Pistons of the NBA. Unless they can add Amare or Bosh or Howard, this team will be a .500 club for the near future.

And yes, 7 years as the starting PG on a team is a long time. How many other guys have been around that long? Bibby?

And again, I like Tinsley and think he is a very good player. If you go back and look at the old ISH board from about 5 years ago, I was saying that Tinsley should be their PG and they should stick with him. But unless O'Neal and Granger become as good as KG and Pierce, this team isn't going to be more than a 1st round exit.
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