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Default Re: Good RTS?

The best RTS at the moment is still Warcraft 3. The new ones really don't offer anything new, just flashier graphics and nastier system reqs. Gameplay wise they are a good 2 or 3 steps backwards.

Other good ones are Myth 2(good luck finding a game though, it's basically dead), Starcraft, World in Conflict is solid.

Rome Total War is a TBS with RTS elements, it is great fun though, Medieval 2 Total War is also great fun. Only the battles are really real time though.

Unfortunately RTS really is struggling lately, most of the games are stale and offer very little, the actual gameplay of Myth 2 still hasn't been matched as far as troop control and the actual battles, that game really was the perfect RTS. Only thing it is missing is the resource gathering and even that is something that in many games you wouldn't miss it.
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