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RTS is probably my favorite genre of games.

Really depends on your tastes and preferences, basically are you really into competetive multiplayer? or do you like good singleplayer? competetive multiplayer is a completely different world of RTS gaming some people take really seriously, but its alot like competetive FPS play online. Personally i like rpg in my games, basically customizing and building, so my tastes are pretty different than most of the RTS gamers out there. I'm not into that super competetive Starcraft scene or anything like it but i did love Starcraft single player campaign.

Company of Heroes gets the most hype and is probably the best done RTS currently. I liked it but its not my favorite mostly because there arent really many differences between each side, whereas alot of other RTS's make each side very unique to the others. I also hate WW2 games, and this follows that bandwagon almost every game jumped on a few years ago.

If youre a realistic history buff kind of person then i'd reccomend Age of Empires. Its a base building RTS style game which is more what i like, but it is kind of bland to me due to it being more or less historically based.

I've played Total War series and HATED them. They just dont feel as much a game than a simulation of RTS play. I like being able to upgrade units, being able to use unit abilities, base building, etc. but there was none of that with this game, and it gets SO MUCH hype. To me its the biggest waste of money i've put into a game because it was just really really boring.

My current favorite RTS is LOTR: Battle for Middle Earth 2, and yeah this came out a while ago. I'm not a fan of LOTR stuff in general, but this game has alot of customizing features, like you can make your own hero and play a RISK style game with him. Each hero you have has powers he can use, each unit has upgrades, there are building upgrades, units 'level' up but pretty subtlely. Its as close to a rpg rts i've played and i think thats why i like it so much. I play this game over alot of the newer more popular RTS's sitting on my harddrive(C&C3, Age of Empires3, Company of Heroes, etc. etc). It doesnt get the hype alot of the other ones do because its not really popular online, but it is hyped in a niche way with rts players wanting more rpg in their games. The graphics are top notch even to today's standards, almost a dark very LOTR type graphics style. The buildings are sweet, and you can choose between i think 6 different factions of races all unique with their own buildings/units/upgrades. You can also build towers and put your archers into them to shoot and cover further distances. I LOVE this game but like i said its more about tastes, and i dont think alot of RTS gamers, especially the really competetive online ones would ever reccomend this to you.

The only RTS's i havent played that came out recently were World in Conflict which i read was good but shallow, which is why i wont buy it. And theres one that just came out thats got middle range reviews. I've played most of them, but Starcraft will always have a special place in terms of RTS to me. While i think LOTR: BME is really underrated.
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