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Originally Posted by hutcht02
Totally disagree. Brown is coming, Mihm a solid big, Bynum a developing talent (dunk over Shaq, 20 pts vs Knicks). Kaman is not bad, your bench sucks (Rebraca old and injured, Davis a modest 2nd rounder, N'dong a question mark).
Kaman is the better player, but for the rotation slight edge LAL.

Wow. If you were here right now id punch you in the nuts for being so stupid. The Clippers have arguably one of the best benches in the league and the Lakers bench is the one that sucks.

Shaun Livingston ) Sasha Vujacic
Maximus ) Maurice Evans
Singleton ) Luke Walton
Timmy Thomas )Chris Mihm
Zelly ) Ronny Turiaf

Wow ur right. Lakers def have a better bench u retard. The Clippers have maybe 3 6th man canidates. So pretty much u have my permission to get the hell out of here Shark cuz u dono what the hell ur talkin about and ur wastin everyones time. Peace out!

Not only 6th man Canidates but they have about 4 players who would be starting on alot of other teams. Maggette, Livingston(Or Cassell), Thomas, and hell, maybe even James Singleton on the right team. What's sad is the Heat wanted to trade into the first round to get Diaz for their guard rotation when Diaz might not even make the Clippers roster or be the 15th|16th man. Clippers easily have a top 5, if not 3 bench in the league, Lakers are no where near that and to say Odom is consistent is a JOKE. I've seen him play for years when he was a Clipper and he is nowhere near consistent, hell, Kaman is more consistent then him and Kaman is one of the most inconsistent players I've seen in a while.
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