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Default Re: Good RTS?

you're really doing yourself a dis-service if you haven't played company of heroes. It's one of the best RTS games that's come out in a while. C&C 3 also is fantastic but if you're a wc junkie I can see how you might not like the C&C style. Try CoH to keep you company till Starcraft 2 comes out (I'm sure you can get a demo to test it).

Played them both. COH was overrated to me, its very formulaic, was a bit of fun for the first few hours but it really lost appeal to me because it just felt like I was doing the same thing over and over.

C&C was the same really. C&C you just mass units and overwhelm. If they die, no biggie, just build more. I don't know if you ever played Myth 2, but if you did, I prefer the skill element rather than just massing units and swarming. Both the games you listed severely lacked that imo.

if you're new to RTS genre try C&C 3. Its fast paced, easy to get into, and not overly complicated with multiple tech trees etc.

I agree here, C&C the original was my entry into RTS, the new one is effectively the same thing with upgraded graphics and less emphasis on resource gathering. Fun for a while, good introducition. Not half the game of some of the others though.

Black & White is not an RTS btw its more of a sim game. Same for Rome/Medeival total war. Though the total war series is pretty cool in its own right.

Black & White has many RTS elements. I didn't really enjoy it though, never got into it, it was very tedious also and the first several levels are basically a glorified tutorial, which really ****s me, hate when they try and force you to learn slowly.

My current favorite RTS is LOTR: Battle for Middle Earth 2,

I played either that or the first one of those when it first came out. Had some solid potential in it but was buggy as all hell. Maybe I'll have to give it another go, does sound good.

You are spot on about WIC as well. Very Shallow, basically get tanks, blow the **** out of enemey, good game.

Only game I haven't really played is Supreme Commander, I only played it for about 20 minutes before I lost interest, probably not a fair amount to judge it on but I never like TA so I went in with a negative attitude anyway.

Seriously, if you can get your hands on it, I seriously reccomend Myth 2. Still the best use of micro and 3d in an RTS that I've seen, the skill level required just to complete the single player campaign will make you a solid online player, unfortunately last time I played the online community was all but dead. Easily bungies best accomplishment as a game.
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