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oh and i have Supreme Commander, took it off my harddrive. Another hyped disappointment but i guess i didnt give it much of a chance. I was very very very turned off by the top down so far away main map play where you basically just see a very far overview, and it just felt like a very generic tactical based game across a mass scale and as a result you had to play it so far up. Yeah you could scroll in but you couldnt play most of the game that way :p

That sounds almost identical to what I did...

I never played Myth2 but i'll look that up. I figure its old so i can get it cheap.

Great game that probably is the best "modded" of all RTS ever. People made a WW2 mod for it that was just awesome as well as civil war, futuristic and just all kinds of fun, the original game was also great. Archer battles were actually that, you could physically dodge the arrows that were fired at you and there was just a ridiculous amount of skill involved, weather conditions actually affect the battles. The game was just so ahead of it's time, it has features that still haven't been put into games now.

you probably played the first one, i never played that one but i heard it was pretty good. I think i read it had real movie cut scenes or something along those lines but limited units. BME2 has pretty much every unit from the movies. It wasnt buggy at all for me the first time i played it and i was impressed since i thought the graphics were incredible at the time, and no slowdowns with tons of units on the screen(but i got a nice computer).

I'm pretty sure it was the first one that I played, thought it was one of those games that another 6 months in development and it could have been great. You get an awful lot of RTS that have that feel. Think that is what has made the Blizzard games so great, they actually get that 6 months or more to get it all perfect. Will have to look for a copy of BME2 and give it a go, certainly sounds up my alley.

Also, I remember having a bit of fun with the Star Wars RTS. Didn't think it was great, but if you are into the sci-fi rather than fantasy themed games it was the best that I've played as far as fun goes.(Starcraft aside, but that was just about the perfect RTS).
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