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Default Re: How did Durant play? (Pacers)

Originally Posted by 1982
lets be fair, Poet, we werent exactly lighting it up before trading Lew and Jesus. Especially in the packed West, and with a fairly small market, there was always the chance 'rebuilding' was the best option.

Lew wanted out anyway (i dont blame him) and do you honestly think you could put enough pieces around an aging (and highly paid) Walter Allen to get deep in the playoffs?

I think we should, and could, have got more for Allen but there you go.

in 2005
we were one shot away from forcing a game 7 against the spurs. injuries and the lack of a quality big were the main differences since then

i think we would have a better TEAM if we kept ray and durant would have had a decent mentor from whom to learn the game/lifestyle

i have never been sold on the philosophy to totally blow up a team for "rebuilding" purposes.

the decision to gut the team of quality personnel such as lenny wilkins who have long histories in seattle is all part of bennett's strategy to distance fans and insure a losing season in order to more easily move the sonics
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