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Did the raps not score alot last year? i think I remember them averaging over 100ppg. Why would then suddenly start scoring only 85? what Przybilla brings is toughness, rebounding and blocks. he didn't get a ton of minutes because he had Ratliff(and his starter's salary) to go against.

Jack isn't the answer, but if you get him for dropping a few lotery slots and get equal talent back, we're that much deeper. Bosh's scoring should go up because he'll get more touches, so will the scoring should stay relatively the same, but with better D and rebounding.

I agree with you on Mo, he's a streak player, that's why if we trade, I would trade him...playoff teams will want his scoring and 3's.

Yes the raps scored a lot last year, but I think most would agree that it wasn't because they had an efficient system. They chucked a ton. I think the scoring will fall tons when you remove Mike James' 20 ppg and all the shots he takes. Sub James for Jack and you have a huge loss in points, along with Pryz and his inability to score. Ratliff makes huge money, but you're telling me the Portland Trailblazers are playing guys to justify contracts? Let's get real. They are terrible had Ruben Patterson rotting on their bench making huge coin. I think many Raps fans will be disspointed in his game and he will spend a lot of time on the injured list, as he has for most of his career.
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