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Default Re: How did Durant play? (Pacers)

Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis are both great shooters, and it's unfortunate that they never had a star big man down low to divert attention from them. That's the difference. Had they gotten a K-Mart, I think they could at least be a 7 or 8 seed every year and would be a lock for the playoffs. Hey, maybe Payton would've stuck with the team and they might've gotten a good playoff run for a year or two. Now, they're stuck rebuilding with Durant and Green, and though I like Durant and rave about him at school, he's a stick, and until he gets beefed up and more physical, he's going to have me worried about the Sonics' future. Also, Green isn't a good #2 option, he's a #3, so they'll need to pick up someone good in the offseason.
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