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I agree, Lakers will have a better record than the clips. The supporting cast is growing behind Kobe. Kwame and LO7 are gettin it together. The addition of VladRad will supply outside shooting which is key for the traingle offense. Moreover, add a yr of experience and team chemistry.

I dont even know what the clippers hype is all about.

1) Clipps 46 wins...Lakers 45 wins despite how much more clipps are talented.
**sure clipps tanked a couple games here and there but you could make an argument for the games lakers blew i.e. sacto and cleveland. anyways, the fact is that it was 46 wins to 45 wins.
2) Season Series was tied 2-2
3) Both teams took suns to 7 games

I dont know why clipper fans take as a big surprise when considering that Lakers could have the better record next yr.
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