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Default Re: sliders for 2k8??

Because it makes your defense better?

Its what I did and my defense is good. Good shooting teams like Denver shoot 45% and the others shoot about 35%

You also need to learn how to stay super active on the defensive end. You can't just be the center and stay in the post and wait to block shots.

Personally, I call either a 3-2 zone if the team is hitting jumpers, 2-3 zone if they are getting in the paint the halfcourt trap if they are hitting everything and the fullcourt trap if they are coming up the court to easily. I also pressure the opposing point guard all the way up the court until he passes. I found this usually takes 8-10 seconds off their shot clock and if coupled with the halfcourt trap, they usually don't get off very good shots and use almost the entire shot clock (this is big because then the clutch factor comes into play and not a lot of players have a good clutch stat)

It also helps to defend against the oppositions strength instead of playing to their weakness. If you're playing San Antonio then use the halfcourt trap or 3-2 zone and defend Duncan if you're a good player on the defensive end. You as in you, not the player you're playing with

Ultimatly, sliders don't really matter much, how you play does.

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