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Default Re: Pistons v. Celtics

I think after last night we now see, if those teams meet up in the ECF it's going to be a battle. Detroit gave Boston every opportunity to win that game, and probably should have lost with that late turnover. But with a solid defensive play and a little luck Detroit pulled it out. As long as Boston and Detroit stay healthy that will be a 7 game series. I wasn't sold on Boston before because of their lack of depth. Which is why I say if they stay healthy. If they have their top 7 or 8 guys ready for the playoffs they will be able to make a strong push. Rondo has actually done a lot better this season than I (and probably most) expected. Perkins actually doesn't look too bad with KG next to him. With that said, I still like Detroit to win the series in 7 come April
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