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Scenario #1: 20~20&te=&cash=

Nice little trade, give Philly some talent and an expirer. Dorrell Wright could develop into something nice. Miami gets Miller to join D-Wade in the backcourt. Probably won't win them a championship, but puts them one move closer to getting one. And if it doesn't work, Miller only has two years left on his deal anyway.

Scenario #2: te=&cash=

Also add in a first rounder going to Philly. Philadelphia gets Wright to develop, and a future 1st rounder to go along with the one they already own, and Quinn is just a filler. Miami gets a sidekick for D-Wade, and Ricky Davis can come off the bench.

Scenario #3: 4~14~20~20~20&te=&cash=

Basically a combination of #1 and #2, and Philly gets Miami's 1st rounder this time, too. Miami gets a legitimate shot at contending this year, and Philly gets three guys who are expirers and they have the option to not resign any of them if they don't like what they got this season, and they still have a pick that might end up making lottery.

That's it for my scenarios. Share yours, and comment on mine.
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