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I support Augustine, but the guy isn't all that great. Dude has it in for me too. I used to live in the same apartment complex as him and when he was nursing a broken ankle, all he did was work at the front desk and guy gave me attitude and wierd stares. I have nothing but love for him (except that championship game) though. After watching him for most of his career I can say this. He's crazy athletic, plays with a lot of heart, and is a great teammate. But, he's not going to be a starter in this league unless he significantly improves. He has no post moves, is strictly a jump shooter (and I guess being a lefty jump shooter works in his favor), and needs to bulk up. He has height and he's athletic, so I guess somebody will pick him up.

Roger Powell is doing well. He was the rookie of the year for the CBA last year or something. Unanimous pick, and led all rookies in scoring and had the most points ever by a rookie or something like that. I'm happy for him. He's changed a lot in the last couple years, when he first came to the school he acted all tough like a punk kid. He once picked on my friend in the gym. But now he's a class act with the best heart around. Apologized before he graduated for being a dick. I like him and I hope he makes it to the league one day. I took a class with his girlfriend my freshman year. Girl is as nice as they come.

Luther is still my favorite Illini. I hope he gets the start for the Rockets next year or becomes a great 6th man. He's got the skills just give him time.

Dee's my guy. I hope he goes in the first! His game is awesome. If Devin Harris, Tony Parker can make it in the league as speedsters, then so can Dee! The only thing is his height, but now that the league is infatuated with small ball, I can only imagine he'll be better.
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