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yeah, ill take 2.5 TO per game anyday from a point gaurd who plays that many minutes. anyway, the point is that we can score a lot more points this year because there is so many people who can create shots for themselves and hopefully know how to play as a team also. Mike James will be great for us because he can hit an open shot. Stop all the negativity, do what walker was doing...give predictions. Plus who knows how James will play with the Wolves. Garnett has so much respect around the league that he might be giving the ball up, it's not like James had any veteran players around him that are proven scorers, include ricky davis in the mix too. A lot of players would probably do the same, especially when they're in their contract year and like 30 years old. I'm not saying Mikes James is a pure point gaurd, that I dont know. But we should at least give the guy a chance, it's not like we're the New York Knicks yet. ****, what are the cavs doing about a point gaurd? u mad about not getting mike james mr. lebron?
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