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Default Gears of War on PC thoughts

I think i'm getting close to the ending on this, right at the part where i'm fighting the corpser. I hope i'm wrong because this game is probably the best shooter i've played since Bioshock, even if its a year old. I still havent finished CoD4 yet but i'm not sure how i'm going to go back to that after this. If you havent played GoW yet i have to reccomend it strongly, i didnt know how good this game was until now, and was reluctant to get it just because its old. If it came out right now it would still probably be one of the top shooters, it feels better than CoD4, alot better but then again i like the futuristic setting with more of a attached storyline. It just feels some of the fights are more engaging in GoW and just overall way more satisfying with using different guns/abilities(like diving all over the place when those things come at you in numbers).

As far as glitches go, i havent had any other than a very slight clipping issue occasionallly. The only other very minor issue i've had is static with the sound sometimes. Otherwise its been perfect. Running on a 3800+ dual core, 2gb RAM, 7800GT.

Controls are easy to get used to if your used to mouse + keyboard, only thing that bothers me is i get attached to cover by accident too much when i'm trying to dive and dodge those critter things. Oh and i wish i could see the descriptions of each gun, all i see are the pictures but no descriptions.

Man if this was more rpg'sh i'd think it was the greatest game ever. I mean like pickup gear and armor with buy/sell w/ cash type of rpg'sh. Love it so far tho, surprisingly one of the best games i've played since Bioshock
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