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Originally Posted by funkylikemonkey
Yeah, but he wants around 10 mil a year, money the Nets don't have. So for the Nets to attain him they would have to come up with a crazy s+t.

The Net's do have some expirers, a trade exception and some other pieces to work with. Troy Murphy has a similar deal to what Harrington may want --

McInnis (Hawks coould use another PG)
Nochbar (short deal)
Plananic (if necessary)
Trade Exception (not sure if it can be combined)
Rights to Illic



Then I would try to sign House instead of Rush since we may need another player capable of playing the point, plus he is a scorer for the bench. I also don't want Rush if he has "issues" -- enough with players such as that.

Kidd / Williams / House
Carter / A.Wright / House
Jefferson / Harrington / Adams
Harrington / Collins / Boone
Krstic / Cliffy / Moore

A very versatile line-up.

As for Al's rebounding... I wouldn't be that worried.. its gotta be better than Collins'... plus that's the great thing about having 3 of the best rebounding PG/SG/SFs.

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