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But i agree with the thing that kmart needs a good pg to be the best he can be. I've always loved the man's game as a nets member, but it would do good for him and for the mavs to get him

Yeah, he plays same position as dirk, and he would never, at this point of his career, be a substitute. It would just be great to see how he plays under the coaching of avery, if they would find him a place on the starting linup.

I still have to say that Dallas might need player like K-Mart. KVH is rumored to leave to denver, so let him go, with dampier or somebody else. Don't get upset but I would say that k-mart would be the best one-on-one defender on the mavericks team. And the talk about long range shooting, remember the time when pf didn't need to pull up from 18-20 feet. Kenyon is a banger, he plays like the old pf used to, and get the job done. (Well maybe i'm just remembering the old nets days, but i believe avery would make him the player he was) And what comes to dampier, he's not the banger, he's big and strong, but that ain't always enough. So like i said before, if the mind is right and they get him a starting lineup spot...
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