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my argument for getting him is that (assuming his not injured all the time this year) his numbers, at worst, will be comparable to damps. He also would be able to do a better job against TD or Amare. And he will always be a better shooter than damp. And yes i would start him at C except for a few select cases.

He's more of a banger down low offensively, avg'd almost as many blocks and reb's last year as damp. He will always avg more points. He gives up 2 inches to damp and according to their listed weights, 20lbs. He's not that much smaller in reality.

So is it worth risking an overrated center who gets into foul trouble against any good post player and was signed for too much (i love damp, but he's not worth the money) for an athletic pf who has had injury and attidue problems, but has the potential to play at a very high level.

Yes it is a risk, but would we really be risking that much in dampier? and the money is a non-issue, we can match the salary in a trade, his contract isn't that much more than damps (40M to a multi-billionaire who is still making rediculous ammounts of money). Honestly he almost bought a hockey team, he can afford Kmart.
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