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Default Davis Considers Lawsuit

Doesn't seem worth it, I wouldn't bother. Link

Pistons forward Dale Davis and his agent Chubby Wells sought legal counsel Thursday to explore filing a lawsuit against Miami Beach police for their actions in Davis' arrest early Tuesday morning.

Wells said Davis' version of the incident -- which resulted in four charges and the use of a Taser gun -- differed from the police report.
"We do plan to file a suit against them," Wells said. "We're in the process talking with lawyers about filing something because, honestly, this was ridiculous."

Joe Dumars, Pistons team president of basketball operations, said he planned to speak with Davis on Thursday evening, and until then would decline commenting on the four charges that Davis, 37, received after a confrontation with hotel workers and police.

According to the police report, hotel security workers at the South Beach Marriott called police about 2 a.m. Tuesday after they said Davis shouted profanities and threatened to fight them in the hotel lobby. The two workers told police they feared for their safety and that Davis refused to leave.

Police approached Davis, told him to gather his belongings and leave the hotel. According to the report, Davis became irate and said, "I'm not going anywhere." When asked for ID, he asked "What the (expletive) for?" Then he said, "You can have my ID, but I ain't leaving."

A friend told Davis to calm down and give the officers his ID. Davis and the officers went outside where Davis paced in a circle, shouted profanities and stated that the officers had targeted him because of his race.
Police say they asked him to stop. Davis continued and put his hands in his pockets. Police asked him to remove his hands for "officer safety." Davis said, "I don't have a gun! Are you going to shoot me?"

Police say they asked again, and Davis pulled his hands from his pockets, holding three cell phones, money and credit cards. He put them back into his pants and said if the officers removed their badges and guns, he'd beat them up. Police asked him to calm down, but Davis continued shouting.
Then, grinding his teeth, Davis removed a chain from his neck, balled his fists and walked toward the officers in an "aggressive manner," the report read. The police advised Davis they would use a Taser if he continued.
He kept advancing, so the officers used the Taser on him. Davis fell to the ground with two puncture wounds in his chest and abdomen.

Once subdued, officers arrested him, charging him with resisting arrest without violence, disorderly conduct, assault and assault against a police officer.

Wells said the police were aggressive, confrontational and quick to use their Taser against Davis. He also said they verbally threatened him and baited him.

No arraignment date had been set, and Wells said he received support from numerous NBA teams who called to complain about the Miami-area police. Earlier this year, Washington Wizards star Gilbert Arenas was also arrested in Miami after an altercation with police.
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