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Originally Posted by T21
I think we have a very nice foundation and a very athletic roster. I also like the chemistry on our team. 1 through 3 we are well balanced and deep, but my only concern is that missing link - true center (hopefuly Camby or Magloire)! I don't know why people position Shelden at 5 spot, because he is a classic "Old fashion" PF, like Charles Oakley or Grant Long, who had a decent spell with the Hawks. He is only 6'8 - 6'9, plus he is a rookie... so let's be realistic, we can't expect him to play center for us. He could serve as a center during spells when we have a small line-up on the court. Bottom-line, true center would round-up our team and give us legit shot at playoffs!

Sheldon is certainly not center material. Not only that though, they need another missing position = experience.
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