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Default Player Addition News Thread

Some stuff my old boss emailed me:

Tim Thomas, who helped Phoenix get to the Western Conference finals, may have to look for a new address this summer, but it won't be in New Jersey. The 6'-10" forward told the Arizona Republic that he and his wife have decided against it because it would be "too much" with both being natives of the Garden State. Prior to signing with Phoenix, Thomas had made a number of statements to local media talking about how great it would be to return home.


Marc Cornstein, the agent for Mile Ilic, expects his client to be bought out of his contract with FMP in Serbia in the next several weeks and in a New Jersey Nets ' uniform by training camp, according to a report published by North Jersey.

The 7-foot-2 Ilic was the Nets' second-round pick last year.

"I think if the Nets want him here he'll be here and every indication I've gotten is the Nets want him here," Cornstein said. "I do believe [the buyout] is something that will happen shortly. I think it will be manageable.

"I would be disappointed at this stage if Ilic was not a Net come October."


Jay Williams

As many of you have probably read, former Duke standout Jay Williams is tentatively scheduled for a workout with the Nets on Saturday, June 17. Williams was born in Plainfield, N.J. and was the second overall pick of the Chicago Bulls in 2002. He has been out of the NBA since suffering an injury in a motorcycle accident three years ago.

We will put him through a normal workout, which will likely include head-to-head game action.


Feel free to add anything you guys find. I'm excited for this off season.

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