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Default as the trade deadline approaches...

ok we got utahs first rounder *which one playoff bound pick or new yorks need help figuring this out*

has anyone seen gordy gericek play for us yet stats::>?

do we want even more picks or can we pry a young talent ala' tyrus thomas *ish rumor* for andre miller

(sweet getting a 1st rounder from korver) im starting to like fast eddy it feels like how he built the jefferson trade but he's doing it backwards this time for a high draft pick including our own.

only win i'd like to see this season are v.s the lakers and according to the box we lost( im so conflicted with this because my brother is a laker fan named his son kobe im naming mine allen )

so i know this board is dead because this season barely resembles caring like deadbeat fathers.......sooooooo go draft class 08 i guess . that should be on the site instead of our mini three.
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