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Originally Posted by dab0yech0
I dont think Sterling actually cared about our ballclub until Mike Dunleavy was hired. Dunleavy used to work on Wall Street and he has alot to do with Sterling spending his money. Dunleavy has been very influential on Mr. Sterling's decisions because of the simple fact he used to work in the stock market and because he knows how to handle his money.
Ive ben a fan a long time and i must say that you are all wrong THINK ABOUT IT? You name me one player we have had- one that wanted to stay realy-two, that deserved max or even close to it.Every player that left the clipps has proved to Mr. sterling by their stats since they left that they arnt worth it. You must be smart to not wast money on average talent and trust your judgment.sterling is smart-smarter than people give him credit for. Thanks Mr. Sterling for waiting for the right time to spend your money on players that are worth every penny.
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