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Originally Posted by traditionone
Marion might have been a possibility, but there was no way the Lakers would've gotten Nowitski or Stoudemire.

People think that the decision to let Shaq go was a result of Kobe's free agency. Shaq wanted a $30 million a year to resign with the Lakers after he would opt out of his deal. When I read those stories about Shaq's salary demands along with the Lakers having to offer the max to Bryant, Shaq was gone. If Kobe never tested the free agent market and resigned and begged management to keep Shaq, Shaq was still going to get traded. A Shaq trade had to happen that summer because it is such a difficult trade to actually do in the middle of the season.

If Kobe didn;t Opt out and wanted Shaq back, He would have stayed. Shaq isn't messed up like that.

He knows him and Kobe played great. The thing that made Shaq Unattractive was the 30 mill he wanted But if they hadn't Given Kobe sooo much money, i think shaq would have stayed.

Give Mitch a break guys. if we chose not to trade Shaq he would have just not played hard enugh or at all for that matter. People were talkin about Mitch having to resign...he works hard and tries his best to get great guys. He is pretty new anyways, he's been around for what, 4 or 5 years?
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