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Default Ariza wets his pants, Time to trade Starbury Too

Originally Posted by brooklynchild155
francis is a all star caliber player but they should try to move him. the knicks are goin to regret trading ariza because he is a good defender and he was a role player. and besides they got guards already. but the real reason they should move him is cause of nate. i really think hes goin to be a really good player.

Horse manure! Yes Francis should be traded but Ariza was a clown on the court, totally undisciplined and uncoachable. He will go nowhere in the NBA. Time to dump Starbury also. Perhaps we can land Minne's #6 pick if we trade him for garbage that will be dumped. Then we can move up and take Marcus Williams. He can pass and play defense. That puts him light years ahead of Starbury and Francis. Then LB can bring this team to the playoffs after next year and in 3 years to the Eastern Conference finals. I think we can trade a couple of guys pus some picks to pry Artest loose from Sacramento. I would be willing to part with Lee and Nate plus couple picks if we can land Artest. With Artest and Marcus Williams, we coudl move into playoff contention perhaps as early as next season. I love Nate and Lee, but they are not taking us to any championship. Artest can and will together with the rest of the roster. But we must liquidate Starbury and Franchise first.
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