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Originally Posted by SecondFiddle
Grundy, Smith and Harrington are not on the team, and Marvin Williams should only start between the 2nd and 4th weeks of July.

Thast why they're free agents. The team that they were last with is the team I put them on.

Here's a updated depth chart.
PG Speedy Claxton, Tyronn Lue, Royal Ivey
SG Joe Johnson, Salim Stoudamire, Anthony Grundy (FA), Donta Smith (FA)
SF Josh Smith, Josh Childress, Al Harrington (FA)
PF Zaza Pachulia, Marvin Willams, Esteban Batista, Solomon Jones
C Lorenzen Wright, Shelden Williams, John Edwards

I heard rumors that the Hawks signed Wright to a two-year deal. So he'll probably start a few games before the Hawks realize how underacheiving he is. I also have a problem putting Shelden as a backup 5 knowing that he's a true PF. You also could put Marvin as a backup3 and Childress as a backup2.
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