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Default Re: XBox Live Arcade Games

I prefer classic games to modern games though I do play them ALL. My favorite games being shooters -- real shooters like Gradius, R-Type, Raiden, et cetera…

For XBLA, I got a few game:

Space Giraffe
Omega Five
Lumines Live
Every Extended Extra Extream
Castlevania Symphony of the Night
many others.

I get alot of fun playing these games and some of them are great and well worth their price. Omega Five is top notch and well worth 800pts ($10)! Some games are average and have their problems though. Contra is good but 2 player (online) is so broken. Super Contra has less problem with 2 player but then the game is not as good.

My biggest problem is that the d+pad on the 360 controller is absolute rubbish. I have no choice but to use my arcade stick but some games do not offer button remapping

So yeah, I like XBLA and look forward for more cool games to come. Currently I am waiting for Ikaruga, Trigger Heart Exelica, and Rez. I guess Trigger Heart and Ikaruga are already on so hopefully they will be on within the next 6 months…
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